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At Mid-Ohio Pediatrics and Adolescents, we are honored to be chosen as your pediatric primary care provider.  Our team consists of experienced, compassionate Pediatricians and friendly, nurturing staff members who take pride in giving our patients the personalized pediatric care they deserve.


When calling for an appointment, please let our staff know the reason for your child’s visit or the nature of his/her medical concerns so we may schedule an appropriate length of time.  This will allow sufficient time for the physician to address your concerns.

During normal office hours, a triage nurse is available to answer any medical questions you may have.  Our nurses are trained to be able to answer most questions regarding your child’s health.  The triage staff will involve the physician, if needed, to determine the best care for your child.

Arrival Time

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow for completion of new paperwork needed for your child’s new electronic medical record.

If you are scheduled for an appointment and arrive more than 15 minutes past your appointment time, your appointment will be considered a No Show and will be rescheduled for another day or time.

Cancellations/No Shows

Any same day ill appointment not cancelled at least two hours in advance or all other appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice or not showing for an appointment will result in a $35.00 charge.    Reminder calls or texts are a courtesy, not a guarantee.  Failure to receive a reminder call or text is not an excuse for removing the $35.00 charge.

More than three (3) last minute cancellations or no show appointments may result in the termination of our medical relationship.

Well Child Exams

Well Child exams (also referred to as yearly check-up) allow us to follow your infant/child’s growth and varying stage of development closely.

All Well Child exams need to be scheduled in advance.  Please keep in mind that the months of June through September are very busy for school-age children to have their well exams and the appointments fill quickly.   Yearly well child exams are good for one full year from the date of the exam, if your child has had their yearly exam there is no need for an additional Sports or Camp Physical within that year.

Please bring any forms that need completed to your yearly well child exam.   All forms brought to our office at times other than the well child exam will need 24-48 hours for the physician to review the chart and complete the paperwork.  Our physicians will not sign any forms unless the child has had a Well Child exam in the last 12 months.

Our physicians follow the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule of recommended exams and immunizations.  Well child exams are conducted at the following age milestones:

3-5 days after delivery

2 weeks old                        12 months

1 month                              15 months

2 months                             18 months

4 months                             2 years

6 months                             2 ½ years

9 months                             annually starting at 3 years



The physicians at Mid-Ohio Pediatrics firmly believe that vaccinating children and adolescents may be the single most important intervention we perform as health care providers.   We support the current vaccine schedule that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

If you choose not to vaccinate your child (children), we will have no choice but to terminate our medical relationship and insist you find another health care provider who shares your views.  Please review our physician’s statement here:  Vaccine Policy Statement 

PLEASE NOTE: Although there are some possible risks to vaccines, the risks are far smaller than the effects of the diseases they prevent.  Certain individuals need special considerations with respect to vaccines such as children who are less able to fight serious infections due to disease they were born with,  any kind of cancer, AIDS or HIV infection or certain medical treatments.

Sick Child Visits

We will make every effort to schedule appointments for ill children on the day that you call us.  If you have a medical emergency during office hours, our Triage staff will do their best to schedule your child immediately or refer you to the appropriate facility.


All prescription refills must be requested through our prescription refill line (614-899-0000, Option 3) or through a member of our triage team.  At this time, the physicians do not accept the auto-refill requests from pharmacies.

If the medication your child has been prescribed is too expensive, please have the pharmacist call the prescribing physician to discuss an alternative medication.

Prenatal Visits

Expecting parents can schedule a prenatal appointment with one of our physicians at no charge.  At this visit, we discuss a variety of topics including an introduction to the newborn period, general office policies and answer any questions one may have regarding our practice.

NCH Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Nationwide Children’s Pediatric Health Information Exchange (“HIE”) is a safe way for health care providers to get the most up-to-date medical information about your child.  The HIE allows caregivers to access or share health information improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of your child’s care through a secure electronic network.  Starting in April 2017, MOP families will be asked if they wish to participate in the HIE when checking in for an appointment and those wishing to opt-in will be asked to sign a HIE Authorization form.  For more information regarding the NCH Health Information Exchange, please visit our Forms page.




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